Novia Metallised BOPP Tape

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Enhance your air and vapour control layer and damp-proof membrane applications with the advanced capabilities of Novia's Metallised BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) tape, designed for superior performance. This high-tack, tear-resistant tape features low emissivity and moisture vapour permeability, making it an excellent choice for edge and lap seals.

Unlike conventional tapes using aluminium foil and paper, Novia's Metallised BOPP tape employs a high-performance metallised polyester, significantly boosting overall strength and durability. The tape's high-specification hot melt adhesive ensures exceptional adhesion.

Key Features & Benefits of Novia Metallised BOPP High Adhesion Reflective Foil Tape:

  • Designed for use alongside main double-sided butyl sealing tapes
  • Ideal for air and vapour control layer and damp-proof membrane applications
  • Extremely high tack and excellent tear resistance
  • High-quality hot melt adhesive for superb adhesion
  • Premium performance metallised polyester for enhanced strength and toughness
  • Suitable for installation temperatures between 10°C to 30°C • 0.05mm/50 microns thickness
  • Weighs 0.5kg
  • 50m length x 60mm width
  • Exhibits low emissivity and moisture vapour permeability


For optimal airtightness and prevention of interstitial condensation, Novia recommends the combined use of lap and butyl tapes in all AVCL and DPM installations.


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