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Sheepwool is a great natural insulation for loft, wall, roof and floor applications.  It offers outstanding thermal values for a flexible, fleece type insulation and is suitable for both retrofit and new build applications alike. Sheepwool insulation also has a proven record for tiny-homes, campervans, shepherds’ huts, ecopods, garden offices, cabins and more. 

Thermafleece Cosywool is a versatile insulation product, made in the UK using British wool*. It is soft and non-irritant to skin, eyes and respiratory tracts, making it safe to handle and easy to install. No safety equipment is required to handle the Cosywool, but we would recommend wearing a dust mask when working in confined dusty spaces like lofts. 

If you are considering installing the insulation yourself, you may be interested in our range of Free handy installation guides. 

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