Thermofloc Membrane Tape

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Thermofloc Adhesive Tape a versatile solution designed to provide effective sealing in various applications. This polyethylene adhesive tape is ideal for sealing places where Thermofloc vapour-proof linings are pierced or overlapped, as well as for use with breather membranes. Additionally, it is suitable for achieving airtight sealing of timber board joints, including OSB and plywood boards. The sticky coating is crafted from acrylate, which is free from solvents and emollients.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Can be used to seal pierced or overlapped areas in Thermofloc vapour-proof linings, breather membranes, and for airtight sealing of timber board joints.
  • Adhesive Material: Made of acrylate, ensuring a secure and solvent-free bond.
  • Roll Length: 25m for extended usage.

Thermofloc Adhesive Tape provides a reliable and user-friendly solution for achieving airtight seals in insulation applications, ensuring effective performance and longevity.

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